Maledicus: An Inspiration to All


The novel Maledicus, written by Charles French, has a unique plot that is meticulously designed to horrify and interest the reader. Something that is truly amazing is how the author presents the passage of time throughout this portion of the novel. The story vacillates between Ancient Rome, the present, the late 1900s, as well as the “In-Between.” It is extraordinarily hard to develop such a complex storyline that takes place throughout time, as well as beyond time. Yet, French has done an exceptional job of doing so in a way that keeps the reader engaged, informed, and wanting to read more.

Additionally, French has created realistic and relatable characters. The three men, Roosevelt, Samuel, and Jeremy, are quite realistic. They are interested in things, such as sports, art, and history, which many readers can relate too. Furthermore, the plot of the novel is centered around dealing with the death of loved ones while protecting others from evil spirits. Unfortunately, many people have experienced death of a loved one firsthand, which makes the motivation and passion of the three men, as well as Helen, so significant. The novel shows how a person can transform something very morbid, such as death, into a passion for helping others.

Maledicus is full or horror and thrill, but what sets it apart from other horror novels is the significance of love despite the terror the characters face. A person will do anything for someone that they love, and Helen is a prime example of such a person. Her character is ambitious, devoted, and strong, and shows both women and men everywhere that love can overpower fear. Maledicus is a wonderful exception that truly allows the reader to introspect their own lives and the presence of their person love for others, even in this scary world.



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